PlanetLab User Guide Print
Instructions for PlaneLab Users at Netmode-NTUA site

1. New users register to PlanetLab by visiting

Select the PlanetLab Site to register: Network Management & Optimal Design Laboratory - National Technical University of Athens

2. Requests are approved by the Principal Investigator or the Technical Contacts

3. After e-mail notification of approval, you must login  to the PlanetLab website Subsequently, you  create your PlanetLab key on your local computer  using the ssh command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

 where id_rsa is the name of the file where your private key is stored. Your public key is in the local file and must be uploaded in section ManageKeys of the PlanetLab website

4. You can create your own Slice by sending an e-mail to the Technical Contacts Alternatively, you can use the Netmode_0 generic slice.

You are ready to start you PlanetLab experiments!

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