SEE-GRID (South Eastern European Grid) is a European Commission initiative, a DG INFSO - M Specific Support Action aiming to assist the participation of the S.E. European states to the pan-European (EGEE) and worldwide Grid initiatives. It concentrates on establishing a seamless and interoperable pilot-Grid infrastructure that will expand and support the European Research Area (ERA) in the region. The interconnection of the regional infrastructure to the pan-European and worldwide Grid initiatives will translate into benefits for the smaller, less-resourced sites in SE Europe to access computing power that would otherwise be unaffordable. In this perspective, the SEE-GRID initiative will ease the digital divide and release the scientific & productive talents of the region and will allow equal participation of the targeted countries in pan-European Grid efforts in the immediate future. The project involves the National Grid Initiatives of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia- Montenegro, and Turkey.

Participants of SEE-GRID are:
  1.  Greek Research and Technology Network, GRNET, Greece, Coordinator
  2. Centre Europeene pour la Research Nucleaire, CERN, Switzerland
  3. Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing, BAS, Bulgaria
  4. National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics, ICI, Romania
  5. The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, TUBITAK, Turkey
  6. Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory, MTA SZTAKI, Hungary
  7. Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, ΙΝΙΜΑ, Albania
  8. B&H Academic and Research Network, BIHARNET, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  9. Macedonian Academic and Research Network, MARNET, FYR of Macedonia
  10. Academic and Research Network of Yugoslavia, AMREJ, Serbia & Montenegro
  11. Ruder Boskovic Institute, RBI, Croatia

NETMODE participates in SEE-GRID via the National Research & Education Network of Greece, GRNET, of the General Secretariat of Research & Technology, Greek Ministry of Development.