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NETMODE Wireless Testbed Infrastructure  

NETMODE Wireless Testbed consists of a control server and 20 wireless nodes. The testbed control server (Controller) runs a webserver with a GUI (custom GUI) and an SSH server that gives access to the wireless nodes. Inside the testbed, all nodes are connected via a switch. 

The testbed consists of two kind of nodes:

18 Alix-based (Nodes 1-18)

- alix3d2 board

- 100Mbit Ethernet port

- 2 802.11 a/b/g interfaces

- 1GB flash card storage device 


2 PC-based (Nodes 19-20)

- Intel Atom CPU

- 1Gbit Ethernet port

- 2 802.11 a/b/g/n interfaces

- 250 GB hard disk

Control and management functionalities of the Testbed are based on the OMF framework. Additional functionalities (resource discovery, reservation and scheduling, etc) have been implemented independently and are provided to the experimenter through a custom GUI. 


testbed infrastructure 



NETMODE Wireless Testbed Topology

The wireless nodes are scattered around the 3rd floor and the roof of the ECE building at the National Technical University of Athens according to the following topology.

testbed topology 

Wireless Testbed Topology (3rd floor - Indoor)


testbed topology

Wireless Testbed Topology (Roof - Outdoor)