GEANT2: GN2-JRA2, Security Print

GEANT2: GN2-JRA2, Security

Multi-domain network security is investigated and tested in Joint Research Activity 2 (JRA2) within the GN2 European Commission Integrated Infrastrucures Initiative (DG INFSO - M).  It enhances the security measures, on-line and off-line, taken by the Pan-European Research & Education  Network GEANT2 and its 34 National Research & Education Networks (NRENs), including monitoring network attacks, creating a secure database of incidents, coordinating incident reporting and introducing the next generation of DDoS attack detection mechanisms.
JRA2 covers the following work items:

  • Securing the network elements of GEANT2 and its services.
  • Building of proactive security services.
  • Coordinating with the TERENA Task Force on Computer Security & Iccident Response Teams (TF-CSIRT)
  • Recommend and propose an infrastructure for co-ordinated security handling and proof of concept implementation
Participants in GN2-JRA2 are selected from the 34 European NRENs, and the Pan-European NREN Organizations DANTE and TERENA:
  1. SWITCH (Swiss NREN), Activity Leader
  2. GARR (Italian NREN)
  3. GRNET (Greek NREN)
  4. RedIRIS (Spainsh NREN)
  5. SURFNET (Dutch NREN)
  6. CESNET (Chezh NREN)
  7. HungarNet (Hungarian NREN)
  8. IUCC (Israeli NREN)
  9. ISTF (Bulgarian NREN)
  10. FCCN (Portuguese NREN)
  11. DANTE Ltd. (GN2 Project Coordinator)
NETMODE participates in GN2-JRA2 as a Third Party (sub-contractor) of the National Research & Education Network of Greece, GRNET, of the General Secretariat of Research & Technology, Greek Ministry of Development