GEANT2:GN2-SA3, Bandwidth on Demand Print

GEANT2: GN2-SA3, Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth on Demand is a Support Activity (SA3) within the GN2 European Commission Integrated Infrastrucures Initiative (DG INFSO - M).  It concentrates on Premium IP (PIP) service to the GEANT2 service area for allocating end-to-end Quality of Service emulated cirtcuits over IP. Its main contribution will be the development and deployement of automated procedures enabling multi-domain PIP provisioning for European NRENs and their high-end subscribers (e.g. e-Science projects).

Participants in GN2-SA3 are selected from the 34 European NRENs, and the Pan-European NREN Organization DANTE:
  1. DANTE Ltd., Activity Leader & GN2 Project Coordinator
  2. GRNET (Greek NREN)
  3. PSNC - Pionier (Polish NREN)
  4. RENATER (French NREN)
  5. RedIRIS (Spansh NREN)
  6. BREN (Bulgarian NREN)
  7. FCCN (Portuguese NREN)
NETMODE participates in GN2-SA3 via the National Research & Education Network of Greece, GRNET, of the General Secretariat of Research & Technology, Greek Ministry of Development.