Topics of Interest

DySON workshop will focus on  (but not be limited to) the following topics of interest:

  • Interplay between online social networks and wireless communications

  • Network Utility Maximization (NUM) for mobile social and wireless networks

  • Complex network structure analysis and optimization

  • Graph theoretic analysis for mobile complex (social and wireless) network

  • Game theoretic and economic analysis

  • Structure of social networks and their influence to the design of advanced wireless networks

  • Primal-dual decomposition for complex network algorithms

  • Stochastic network optimization

  • Cross-layer network optimization

  • Topology Control for complex networks

  • Social relationship graphs of mobile devices

  •  Adaptive algorithms for evolving online social and wireless networks

  • Resilience and fault-tolerant network optimization

  • Social-aware network solutions in wireless communications

  • Complexity and approximation of social/mobile network optimization and control techniques

  • Optimal content dissemination in complex networks

  •  Mobile cyber-physical systems