Topics of Interest

Ad-Hoc-Now 2015 workshop will focus on  (but not be limited to) the following topics of interest:

       Access Control 

       Ad Hoc Networks of Autonomous Intelligent Systems 

       Algorithmic Issues

       Analytic Methods and Modeling for Performance Evaluation 

       Ad Hoc Network Applications and Architectures 

       Delay-Tolerant Networking

       Distributed Algorithms for Ad Hoc Networks 

       Energy Efficiency 

       Geometric Graphs

       Location Discovery and Management 

       Mobility Handling and Utilization 

       Wireless Mesh Networks

       Big Data Inspired Data Sensing

       Mobile Ad Hoc Computing Platforms

       Systems and Testbeds 

       Mobile Social Networking 


       Routing Protocols (Unicast, Multicast, etc.) 

       Secure Services and Protocols 

       Sensor Networks 


       Service Discovery 

       Timing Synchronization 

       Vehicular Networks 

       Wireless Internet

       Processing and Networking Technologies Complexity and Computational Issues

       Prototype systems and real-world deployment experiences